Archangel Michael
Through Lori Jean Flory

Archangel Michael received in gentle meditation through Lori Jean Flory Remember our love for you. Remember that the translucent, brightness, the pure luminosity of that light if the essence of God's love for you, our love for you and the love that we ask you to recognize for yourself within the very depths of your own heart and soul.Envision please, a clear, flowing, and sparkling waterfall moving in perfect Rhythm and flow through a forest of fresh green trees, flowing ever forward, but most of all focus please upon the image of the waterfall itself and not where it is going. Simply focus upon the tinkling, beauteous sounds of the waters of love over and over.

They are peaceful, soothing, musical.Focus upon these waters of love as they flow before you. Forever are they flowing to you and by you to engulf the earth and all that is, with love -the love of god, the love of all that is, the love of the angels the God hath sent to guide thee. It is the love that encompasses every being of light that is in service to the one God.As you focus upon this image of love, focus then upon the same waterfall of light as it is flowing from the heavens above and engulfing the earth in light, in love, in peace, in harmony and know that only love exists -nothing else is valid, only love.

Feel every living thing engulfed in love, every country, state, city, every molecule of the earth and all who resides upon her. No cell or living thing is untouched by this perfect love that is god. The messengers who are sent forth carry these blessings of light and love to all that is.

This light is not static, but rather moves, is alive, and is evolving and growing and lifting - healing - teaching, blessing, calling, loving, healing, leading each heart along its path.Not the path of another but the clarion call within the heart ... like a musical symphony that is god within. Know that it is the sunrise of the morning and the sunset of each day that is guaranteed to continue. In the same way, be lifted, be encouraged, and know that you are loved greatly. You are loved, that is all that matters.

Archangel Michael