You remember when we discussed the Pineal Gland, and Melatonin. Years before it came out in the pages of Newsweek. What is contained in this letter, I believe, is far more significant. For this reason I ask you to read every word slowly, and then consider its implications, for you, for all life, and for the universe.

Revelation 14:20, describes the time when the power of Aquarius will fall down on all the earth. The revolution of love, of harmony with nature, and all life. It says "The wine press was trodden without" The wine press is where the grapes (thoughts) are turned into wine (spirit). This happens in the carnal mind which is referred to as "without". The scripture goes on, "and blood came out of the winepress". This means that spirit (blood) manifested as a result of the activity of the mind (winepress). "even unto the horse bridles by a thousand and six hundred furlongs." What is being said is that the spirit, (God, nature, Creation,) will issue direction (bridle - the bridle directs the horse), through the horse.

Now this is a sign of the culmination of the time of Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness. So we must look for a horse as the sign. Remember, in Genesis 1:14, the scripture talks about the stars and says, "let them be for signs". Thus we look to the stars for the horse who will bring forth the sign, or direction of God, of the fulfilling of all things, the return of Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Universal Love. As we look to the stars, we see the horse, and it is PEGASUS.

Michel Mayor, and Didier Queloz of the General Observatory in Switzerland have reported the discovery of a large planet around a star in the PEGASUS constellation. This is confirmed by astronomers in the US. "They do know that its behavior is unlike anything in the solar system." Two teams of astronomers have made independent observations that they say establish for the first time, the existence of a planet around a star similar to the sun. Consider this. For the first time, a planet orbiting a sun like earth, has been found. It is found in the sign of the horse, PEGASUS. It is found in the age of AQUARIUS. I ask you to consider this, the constellation PEGASUS, is in the Zodiacal Constellation, AQUARIUS.

This planet appears white from the earth, it looks like a star. Nothing like it has been seen. It is white, and it is right where the prophecy of Revelation says it would be, in the sign of the Horse. PEGASUS. THE WHITE HORSE HAS ARRIVED. Think of the astronomers. They are so excited over this discover. Suddenly, behold this new planet appears. Now read Revelation 19:11, "And I saw heaven open, and behold, A WHITE HORSE".

The return of Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Krishna consciousness, Universal Love. Now consider the names of the stars in Pegasus that are right next to where this new planet has been discovered. The star Markab means "the returning". The star Scheat means "he who goes forth and returns". The star Enf means "The Branch". Pega means "the chief". Sus means horse, but also means swiftly coming. Can you see Jesus is coming on a white horse? Buddha in pity for the suffering of the world flew across the heavens as a white horse. the coming Avatar to appear at the end of the present dark age, is to come on a white horse. The Kalki Avatar.

Take your binoculars. Your telescope. Think of this new sun, and planet now seen in Pegasus and listen to Sata Brah Pragapati said, "Whosoever shall seek you, shall find you, in the form of a white horse. It should be a white horse, for that is the form of the sun who burns yonder." Pragapati is simply saying look to the stars, look to Pegasus.

Never in the history of the world has there been a fulfillment of the words of Revelation, or the Ancient Vedas, or Sutras. But now, The White Horse has returned. It's light has reached the earth, the bridge has been made. The light beings of peace, love, and universal oneness, can not dismount from the white horse and come to earth. How close are we?

Please keep this close to your heart. Now, more than ever, do your meditation. Be prepared for this wonderful coming of life, and peace in this New Age. The Man With The Pitcher of Water has tipped his pitcher, the White Winged Horse Pegasus has lifted itself to the top of the universe for all to see.

If the White Horse of Revelation finally can be seen in this new sign which has reached earth in Aquarius, then how close are we to this magnificent revolution of love? Pega Sus the chief, coming forth again in great victory with wonderful news for the hurt, the oppressed, and all who reach out to nature in love.

Please do your meditation. Tune yourself to this light. I feel overwhelmed by what is about to take place. Even the skeptics must now look to the sky and say, "BEHOLD THE WHITE HORSE."

By William T. Donahue, Pastor
The New Age
Christian Village Church
P.O. Box 569
Forked River, NJ 08731

Copyright © 1996. The Light Party.