The Power of Angels
Grace Shanti Foulds - The Shanti Heart

When we invite Angels into our life we can discover a whole new level of wisdom, clarity, and purpose. Throughout History Angels have been acknowledged as Guardians who bring messages of Love , Healing, Wisdom, Creativity, Protection, Peace and Joy to name just a few.

These Messengers bring many qualities into our lives and uplift us with their loving energy. Being aware of and working with Angelic energy reminds us what we are capable of. Enables us to feel comfortable with accessing our own inner wisdom and to focus on these uplifting qualities within ourselves.

We seem, in this present time, to focus a lot on conflict out in the world and within ourselves. When we open our heart to Angelic energy we receive inner guidance for personal growth and transformation. We are empowered to focus on Peace instead. The Peace that is always present only hidden.

When we connect with our own Angelic qualities we access that ‘Place of Peace' and so, this is perpetual - we use this Angelic energy to focus on Peace, and then Peace CAN Prevail within ourselves. When Peace prevails within, the world is a wonderful place that we are content to be in. Contentment is felt from within regardless of what is going on around us. So instead of feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or stressed, however we choose to describe the feeling of disharmony within that most of us feel at times, we feel positive, content and yes, joyful.

Angel power is all around us, and DEEP WITHIN. We simply have to tune into these energies and ignite from within, our own power, meaning our own inner light! We each have an Eternal Flame deep within which does not die. It is Eternal. When we actively connect with Angelic energy this Flame is fed. This flame grows allowing us to be positive, content, happy and joyful.

There are many Arch Angels who lovingly and tirelessly work to support humankind to heal emotionally and grow as whole individuals. They are here to serve humankind and can only do so when we are clear and ask, with thanks, for their help. We have, some say unfortunately, free will and Angels do not interfere with this free will. Yet all we need do is Call them Forth and they will lovingly come into our heart and mind, supporting us to not only deal with any issues, actually support us to release and therein………heal any issues. Their power, light and love are unlimited and are here for us to access with Love , Surrender and Gratitude that they assist us.

The time for us to acknowledge and accept this powerful love that is available for us all, if we choose, is NOW!

Grace Shanti Foulds
~ The Shanti Heart is simply passionate about peace & empowering others to feel peace from within.
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