Scorpio Full Moon-Sananda OCT.11 2000
"Enchanting the Entrance of
Christ/Buddha with a Song in the Heart"

Channeled by Lisa J Smith

All you need is love dear ones; LOVE is all you need...and for all listening in the heart, which is the central focus of the universe, you shall be served many great rewards of Scorpio, the Risen light beacon. We have watched with great anticipation and delight as many stepped off the ladder of lower emotion and mentality these past few months, and as all temptations cross the path of your collective strength the values of source remain unscathed.

Yes indeed sweet keepers of the faith, the light shines in the darkest of days, and the best part is you can feel it, breathe it, bask in its beauty as the emotional turmoil comes up and out for a final cleansing. You see source has the final say about what transpires on the planet, regardless of where a dense consciousness goes or thinks it is going. For one eternal moment move in your heart and third eye center while opening up to that all knowing, sparkling seed of self. Connect with the Christ force on the planet and feel the overwhelming passion of source move the body to a higher vibratory frequency.

When you feel that integrate, the ascended Christ realm holding with the Messiah will then connect as well, and finally through the sword and love of Archangel Michael we open into the masculine/feminine oneness that is reconnected. Let your hearts fill with joy beloved's, it has every right to sing. Our orchestration this month takes all on quite a journey of remembrance. Last year on the 11:11 which is the harmonics converging for the planet and within each entity we opened the White Christ Electronic Body.

This moved from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast in a 24-hour period. This year an even bigger blessing as we anchor the Blue Electronic Buddha energy on the 11:11, which is the exact date of the Scorpio full moon. Combining the frequency of the White/Christ along with the Blue/Buddha field will pull into physical manifestation the necessary preparation, which implements the gathering Messiah. The Buddha consciousness will open in the east with the sun and spread slowly across the planet to the west, finally anchoring into the Pacific Ocean with the Tahitian islands. This is a landmark in history for the spiritual brigade carrying the holding patterns for Shambhalla to once again start developing through the Order of the Melchizedek Priest/Priestess family.In order for the individual to move into their own Christ field, their own Buddha field must push in the remaining etheric blueprints.

The Christ operates in a high 5th dimension, while the Buddha operates in a 6th dimensional field. After the initial ascension one moves on to integrate in the physical realm all 12 electronic bodies that hum to the galactic rays, each one representing a different tribe of spirit. In order to open up the 13th tribe of Israel, first one must realize the forerunning 12, and integrate them on some level. We begin the Scorpio meditation by calling in this planets 12 level logos or hierarchy if you will. This will be very important to integrate with the upcoming knowledge about to spread across this plane. In order to move with spirit all facets of a pre-set up history must work with the planetary and spiritual hierarchy.

This brings in the unity and harmony of creating together with many brothers and sisters. It must always work through the Christ force, which has the most stringent individual tests of any level. We call forth mother/father God to assist in all levels and align with the divine will of the universe in love. We ask the I AM Presence to connect right over the crown chakra, no longer separating an entity that is within. Most of all we connect with the divine plans and architecture we created before coming into this incarnation, fully embracing ALL REMEMBRANCE. I agree in complete trust through the master within to raise my vibration to that of a high 5th dimension and to maintain that strength at all times.

I ask my I AM Presence to hold that frequency and hereby become an observer of what really is going on with the holy cleanse of the lower emotions. While in meditation and prayer, the answers come about what is actually being set up, and I stay in my spiritual intelligence with source that will always be my saving grace in any situation. Imagine with no interference the most beautiful dance coming in from the heavenly commands, at first there are many sparks laughing and coming together, no longer having to blend an east and west, but becoming one in the harmony of the greatest of all healers, the Scorpio/Pisces merge. The White/Scorpio ray awakens in the heart and gathers with the 3rd eye.

This is your Christ-self blending well in the body, as it blends all cellular rejuvenation sparkles within the body and energy fields. All lower emotions held within release now, as all past injustices made up or real leave. Forgiveness is the key to moving forth, as Scorpio is the great master or greatest pretender. Scorpio works with the inner mind, which rises from the medulla in the brain all the way up.

The inner mind of course holds the subliminal messages we allow to come in, lower or higher. Scorpio is also the great justice of self or justification for the self. For instance at this time in order to be a prime example of the Christ all talk and no action is the justification, but all action with little or no talk is the greatest self-justice and has always been the greatest example of them all. If an entity is making excuses with a tough life and saying this is light work well that is not going to cut it anymore. Source pleasures and joy in a life filled with ease, health, peace, prosperity and grace is the true heart of Christ.

That is the sweet justice of self, and available to all whom shall choose it. Ask for any remnants of holding oneself back to be removed, but not only that dear ones, study yourself and understand what may or may not have gotten in the way of complete Freedom in Christ. At this point ask for all releasing of attachments to earth bound situations which do not hold the highest good for all. With no judgement see your part in this dance as well. You now hold the keys to never look back, but move forward in the light of your holy essence. At this point the body will vibrate to an even higher level, that of the 6th dimension of Buddha insight.

It has quite a refined energy spinning and will now join up with the Christ self in the heart. All 12 electronic bodies anchor in the heart first and foremost before moving forward. As the blue and white combine all preconceptions of what was and what shall be drop from the mind. A blue seed crystal enters the back of the head center. This is the Pisces/Buddha remembrance. Before each member of the Messiah came into this incarnation many plans were drawn and made for you to master and carry into manifestation.

Therefore all creations were made anew as they fit into the Christ Force for the NOW. It would take each entity through a set of preset experiences based on Solar astrology, until that entity became wise to their own self and remembered that solar level is incomplete and must be completed with the feminine side of spirit. As soon as an entity remembers some facet of the truth than all guidance provided by the higher self would assist in seeing this into fruition. Here is where an entity either has the tenacity to see a creation through or hides back into the soul level game in fear. Buddha consciousness will bring that other half of the feminine light into balance, which completes with soul level activity.

Not only that, but an entity would have to be brave enough to hold the reigns of mastery and re-create what has not worked thus far in the implementing of spiritual training. So here you have it, the remembered Blue seed crystal along with your own 12 levels of the higher mind. One must also be willing to work through the illusion of the blue ray and drama of the now to brave the forefront of new frontiers. As stated before the ascending Adam/Eve Kadmon will be different than what was presented before.

There is a well-known league called the 12 galactic rays starting with Christ Consciousness, which holds to this truth. As the beloved Buddha light surrounds the energy field it will actually enhance the entrance of the Christ integration. So really with all this activity going on, all masters should be too busy to dip into density.There is creation to outwardly express. When spirit talks about the return of Atlantis and Lemuria sure there will be great similarities, but they will take on a different coat.

We are all different now, twin ray reconnections and manifestations will be different as the male/female God-spark is different, but this is a credit to each unique part in the dance of life and how it blends. All temples rebuilt will look different than they did. In actuality we have been in Atlantis for several hundred years now and the time escalated on the planet about the year 1864, so we are finishing off the remnants of that time and stepping off the solar astrological wheel after integrating the soul level. Along with the blue ray comes the higher self. Each higher self is in charge now with the new programs recently created and each must go in to retrieve that guidance.

The higher self and Christ self will now blend within the body, as the two dance together you cannot have the white without the blue, or the blue without the white. The higher self actually sees to the Christ integration first, and the Christ does not fully integrate without the higher self in the physical body. With the entrance of the Christ force you have the harbingers of Freedom. No physical disease can seat in the Christ. With the Buddha energy you have the messengers of Truth, and the enduring hope of mankind. This will open up into the Shambhalla electronic which is a 7th dimensional frequency.

This is the house that source built as the earth Lords and Ladies of light will provide the Living Manual for the planet. We are moving into a time of great comprehension in the human understanding of spiritual activities. This will happen because the Messiah unit will create a living reality of Peace through Love. Pristine Health, Higher Education and Economic Freedom with outward Creative Expression undeterred will catch the attention of every entity on this planet. You can believe when things change and cannot be stopped through the forces of spirit everyone on some level or another will pay attention. It must be done by YOU, and those that reclaim the rod of power will hold the keys.

All will be held responsible for each action, thought and emotion one enters into, so know this now as you accept positions of leadership and always act accordingly to the master within. The physical body is going to take an adjustment at this time, please call forth the Scorpio inner mind and as you feel this rise give yourself time to FEEL the highest EE-motions available and stay here in this feeling throughout the days to come. Once this connects an entity does whatever it takes to stay here believe me.

You will feel the 12 levels of the higher mind along with Pisces and the Buddha now connect with the inner mind which opens an entire restructured process that was created many moons ago as the Christ manifested itself on the planet. You will feel during the entire process of this sacred moon new energies which are of an inward drawn nature. The body will automatically start rejuvenating itself within the course of each day and night. Most of you working with your Christ self have dropped the need to travel in your dream time and stick close to home with your guidance through Christ.

The astral world will no longer carry energy on the planet after the Capricorn full moon, which is the arrival of the Messiah. It may be uncomfortable for some entities, but a victory for the next stage of our adventure. Very important this Scorpio will be the entrance through the Buddha light of the three attributes of a higher order that will connect with each individual astrological house, or 12 Tribes of Israel if you prefer.The astrological wheel and 12 tribes of Israel are one and the same. This will bring a perfection and completion that pulls in the higher-self astrology along with galactic level astrology.

Quite the spiritual science and key to ones body shifting whether or not an individual is aware of these gifts. I draw your attention to 3 blessed attributes, which come in with the Capricorn Tribe of Instituting changes. In association with the 3rd eye in the solar/galactic/universal and planetary shifts all will be able to access the portal of illumination. This comes after obedience and self-discipline has not wavered, nor has the focus been thwarted by the higher self's training ground. In the forehead of each entity holding such magnificence a light shall forever beam through the front and back of the 3rd eye opening an etheric 4th and 5th eye center.

When one gets used to this great gift attributed to individual excellence in behavior, then what is called a retractable third eye rides in with the 5 th eye, which is a higher connection. This portal now becomes the activator for universal blueprints and is a golden light magnetic which opens from the nucleus of the mind, out the front and back of the head and when activation is complete retracts back into the working councils until which time it is reactivated through the higher mind center. This will further enhance the pituitary/pineal merge, which operates as one connecting the higher forces of the pineal gland into the master of the body, the pituitary gland.

Finally the all-seeing eye comes to light, which is directly connected with the God-force, all there is and is working its way into many willing and able to stay out of confusion and move in alignment with source. It has been called the micro/macrocosm. All this is just a touch of the glorious times ahead and gifts available as the merger of heaven/earth is just about to make its debut. The star Sirius is going to anchor through the galactic federation on the actual full moon, which will be very important to those that will activate and work with the quartz crystal kingdom. Sanat Kumara will be opening up back to a vibration when all had free reign to co-create with the many leagues of light, and although the creations will come different, it is the vibration and acknowledgement that many entities are ready to accept this delightful way of life again.

This of course will always filter through the holy Christ self in coordination with the higher self. Please allow the information that is newly instituted to come in. It may and will be different than it was before. The main seed crystal for the Collective Messiah resides on Sirius and vibrates to a tune that will activate with this full moon energy, and so the reception of this new song will take an opening into higher and new activations. The masters of quartz crystals this go round into the seventh golden age will be the most gentlest of all light workers, yet carry a large presence. It is time to put Pluto in its highest manifestation this full moon and allow the energy to teach a gentler, kinder programming, for there will be no fight or struggle, Peace is already a living reality.

We ask that any belief system in the existing astrological programming be worked with and risen above for the integration of the soul on all levels. Buddha Consciousness is going to ease in the new programming that will allow learning with astrology, but not with a fixated system that is over. You may all release the density and move into the magnificence along with the re-created 12 level Tree of Life. Finally, on this harmonious presentation with spirit we are going to prepare for the opening of the 13th tribe of Israel which shall be called the Order of the New Jerusalem and will create from the Southwestern United States and open into all equal brother and sister cities across the planet.

We of the planetary and spiritual hierarchy are pleased to gather this Scorpio moon and prepare for the unveiling of Tribe 13 that will happen on the Aquarius full moon 2001. Do enjoy all that is taking place, and stay above water (emotions), do not allow yourself to get drawn underneath, it is up to you and always has been. In all my blessed communications with the moon energies this is the Victory party that we have awaited. Join us in the transition for it will be the greatest yet to come. I leave you with the enchantment of Christ/Buddha blending together for the greater good of all, in love from the Order of the New Jerusalem ...