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IBIS, the Interactive BodyMind Information System

From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, June 1997
AMR'TA, a pioneering organization that two years ago released the most comprehensive data-base software package available in the natural medicine field, has just opened three new health information services on the Internet.

The medical research and teaching organization now offers two home pages on the World Wide Web providing a broad array of information on natural medicine for both general and professional audiences. In addition, a new mailing list opens a fresh forum for discussion among health care professionals.

The first website, "Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care and Alternative Therapies," is a place to access health information as well as reference health organizations, medical institutions and other health resources available on Internet. The site's Internet address is -amrta.

The second website provides introductory information on the pioneering AMR'TA software program, IBIS, the Interactive BodyMind Information System. That Internet home page can be reached at http://

A third new service, PARACELSUS, is a mailing list aimed at promoting communication, cooperation and exploration among health care professionals. Subscription is limited to practitioners, educators, researchers and students in alternative and conventional medical fields. The list is intended to focus on interesting cases, practical clinical pearls, recent publications, useful anecdotes and medical news.

We all have unique experiences, different perspectives and valid insights. No one has all the answers," commented Dr. Mitchell Stargrove, Research and Education Coordinator of AMR'TA. We can serve our patients best and advance the evolution of the healing arts and medical science best by working together, sharing ideas and being willing to learn," the naturopathic physician continued.

Those wishing to participate in PARACELSUS should send an e-mail message to , reading "subscribe paracelsus." As part of the subscription approval process, send a biographical note indicating training, practice and interests to .

AMR'TA, the Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association, is a nonprofit institution formed by a group of health professionals in 1987 to investigate natural medicine and provide education integrating a wide range of therapies. In 1993 the organization released the IBIS software package. More than 100 medical professionals spent four years compiling and editing IBIS.

The result is the most comprehensive software package available in the natural health field. Hypertexted for easy and quick cross-referencing, the 10,000- page data base covers 282 common medical conditions, and offers treatments from more than 16 systems of conventional and natural medicine. Among them are acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, psychospiritual approaches and various techniques of physical manipulation and exercise. IBIS includes detailed information on 120 herbs, and dosage information on more than 300.

Medical professionals from across the world now employ IBIS. Its users are represented in all regions of the US and dozens of nations, among them Germany, Brazil, Sri Lanka, China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Both IBM- compatible and Macintosh versions are available. IBIS is available only to health care professionals; tools for the general public are in development.

IBIS is published by Associate Health Advocates, Inc. IBIS information is available by calling 503-228-6851 or by writing

AMRTA can be reached at 503-644-7840 or vie e-mail:

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