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Our Vision Statement

The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, Inc., founded in 1977, is a non-profit tax exempt educational research foundation dedicated to researching and demonstrating the reversibility of degenerative diseases upon the human organism. It is the philosophy of the Foundation that aging and degeneration are processes which through knowledge may be understood, controlled and reversed. The process and practical application of bringing rejuvenation into the human organism, now are understood and expounded upon in Da Vid's books: "Medicine Today, Healing Tomorrow"," Man Know Thyself," "The Human Ecology Program: A Comprehensive Health Maintenance and Rejuvenation Process", and "The Healing and Regeneration of America"

As we grow in our understanding of ourselves, our cells, our relationship with nature, in our appreciation of beauty and in the conscious use of technology, we will individually and collectively realize and experience our Freedom from Dis-ease...

It is with this awareness that we, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, continue to serve in delivering programs, products, information and ideas which serve to "Inspire, Delight, Heal and Enlighten."

Da Vid, M.D.
Medical Director

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