Healing with Nature
The Salts of the Earth
By Stephen Byrnes, N. D., P h. D.

Cell salts appear to work by enabling the cells to better assimilate and utilize the mineral com pounds they represent in homeopathic potency.

Cell salts are homeopathic preparations of certain mineral compounds which are found within all living things. Developed over a century ago by Dr. William Schuessler, a German doctor and homeopath, cell salts represent a self-contained homeopathic system that lends itself to easy home use. Twelve in number, cell salts are an extremely versatile natural healing modality, especially since the salts are available over the counter at any health food store. Also, due to their low potency dilution (6X to 12X), they are inherently safe for home prescribing, both for adult and child (and pets!).

The Biochemic theory

Dr. Schuessler was heavily influenced by the ideas of the scientist Virchow who theorized that the body was made up of cells. Virchow further asserted that all medical treatment should be directed toward healing these cells. Upon investigating human blood and ashes after death, and isolating minerals from these various tissues, Schuessler knew that minerals were a vital part of the body. He discovered 12 mineral compounds which he called cell salts, or tissue salts.

Dr. Schuessler ultimately concluded that diseases and abnormal states in the body arise because of deficiencies of these 12 mineral salts. By supplying the body with the correct combination of minerals, health is restored and the body heals itself. Time has borne out the work and theories of the great German.

Eventually, Dr. Schuessler concluded that the 12 cell salts contained within them all of the active components of classical homeopathy. Accordingly, he rejected the homeopathic teaching of the similimum, or one correct remedy for a

person's condition. In cell salt theory, a number of salts can and should be employed to correct imbalances.

How they work

Well-nourished cells are impervious to attack for they optimally assimilate all nutrients, and optimally excrete all wastes. Since there is, therefore, a perfect balance of assimilation and excretion, homeostasis, or perfect balance, occurs.

Cell salts appear to work by enabling the cells to better assimilate and utilize the mineral compounds they represent in homeopathic potency. It is physically impossible that a few doses of homeopathically prepared iron phosphate could supply an ailing body with enough organic iron to correct a deficiency. Nevertheless, there is an effect. The only logical explanation is that the cell salts, by homeopathic action, arc stimulating the body to use the minerals more effectively.

The salts

1. Calcium Fluoride (abbrev. Calc. Fluor.) This salt has an affinity for the bones, teeth, skin, connective tissues, and the elastic fibers of the veins and glands. Deficiencies in this mineral, therefore, show up as bone or tooth difficulties, or loss of elasticity resulting in hardness.

Calc. Fluor. is therefore good for loose teeth, hemorrhoids, skin diseases (especially when there is cracking), hardened glands, poor circulation, and ailments of the tendons and ligaments. Perhaps the most significant use of this cell salt is its use in patients with emphysema. In this condition, the air sacs in a person's lungs cannot stretch or compress enough to breathe correctly. Over time, Calc. Fluor. can greatly help to correct this malfunction (in conjunction with other natural therapies).

2. Calcium Phosphate (abbrev. Calc. Phos.) Calc. Phos. has an affinity for the bones, teeth, glands, nerves, blood, gastric juices, and connective tissues. It is an excellent restorative remedy for the convalescent. Children who are not growing well will benefit from this cell salt. Since it is the main component of bone, it is indicated in all bone diseases, such as rheumatism and rickets. It is also good for teething problems. Since it often intensifies the actions of other cell salts, it is a good companion remedy. Australian naturopath Judy Jacka attests to its value in kidney and ovarian complaints. American naturopath Skye Weintraub recommends this salt for anemia.

3. Calcium Sulphate (abbrev. Calc. Sulph.) This salt is mostly found in the tissues of the skin, blood, and mucous membranes. Along with the cell salt Silica, this is the salt most often used for wounds. Skin complaints of all types indicate Calc. Sulph. Abscesses, bums, boils, styes, and skin ulcers all indicate a deficiency of this salt.

Calc. Sulph. is also known as a strong alternative, or blood purifier, with a potent detoxifying effect on the liver. This salt, therefore, is excellent in preventing general ill health and infections of all types.

4. Iron Phosphate (abbrev. Ferr. Phos.) This widely used salt is mostly found in the blood, veins, arteries, lungs, ears, and nose. It is THE principal first-aid remedy due to its antiinflammatory action. All fevers indicate iron phosphate. Since it is a part of hemoglobin, Ferr. Phos. helps to carry oxygen more efficiently throughout the body, helping it to fight all infections. It is indicated for anemia, as well as internal hemorrhaging. External bleeding can often be stopped by sprinkling the powdered salt on the wound. Fer. Phos. is mostly used at the beginning stages of all acute illnesses.

5. Potassium Chloride (abbrev. Kali Mur.) Potassium chloride is an essential component of muscles, nerve cells, blood, mucous membranes, and brain cells. In the blood, this mineral helps to form fibrin. When there is not enough fibrin in the blood, a thick, white discharge results.

Along with Calc. Phos., this salt is

good for the convalescent. All ear and throat ailments, especially tonsillitis, respond well to potassium chloride. Kali Mur is often used in conjunction with Ferr. Phos. for treating fevers, headaches, abscesses, bleeding, coughs, and styes.

6. Potassium Phosphate (abbrev. Kali Phos.) This salt is mostly found as a component of the brain, nerve cells, spinal cord, and blood. Since it is found so much in the nervous system, Kali Phos. is indicated for all emotional problems such as depression, sadness, apathy, stress, irritability, poor memory, and irrational fears. Along with Ferr. Phos., Kali Phos. helps to carry oxygen in the body. It is therefore good for all infective or septic conditions. Some of the old homeopathic repertories recommend this cell salt when cancerous tumors are present. Along with Mag Phos., this salt helps to restore the nervous system to rightful functioning. Remember it for cases of shingles and neuralgia!

7. Potassium Sulphate (abbrev. Kali Sulph.). Mostly used for skin ailments, this salt, found mostly in the tissues of the skin, mucous membranes, throat, and lungs, has many uses. Useful for all bronchial and sinus complaints, as well as oily skin, athlete's foot, moving pains, excess sweat, this salt is also indicated in the late stages of all inflammations.

8. Magnesium Phosphate (abbrev. Mag Phos.). This remarkable cell salt has an affinity for the nerves, muscles, and heart. It is excellent for cramps of all types, shooting pains, spasms, neuralgia, angina, colic, convulsions, and general pain. Curiously, flatulence can indicate a deficiency of Mag Phos. Along with Kali Phos., this is the principal nerve remedy. Women should always have a bottle nearby in case of painful menstrual cramps.

9. Sodium Chloride (abbrev. Nat Mur) Sodium chloride, salt, is the water distributor of the body. It is part of every fluid and solid in the body. Consequently, any condition involving too much dryness or too much moisture indicates Nat Mur. Edema usually responds well to Nat Mur, as do headaches, chronic diarrhea, hay fever, watery eyes, and dry, flaky skin.

10. Sodium Phosphate (abbrev. Nat Phos.). This is the biochemic acid balancer. All conditions of acidosis respond well to this salt. Needless to say, heart bum, dyspepsia, and other digestive upsets indicate Nat Phos. Nat Phos. is also the remedy of choice for intestinal worms and other parasites. Excess acid in the body is a prime indicator of disease. If you detect an overly acid pH in either your saliva or urine (6.4 is the ideal. Use pH paper, available at drug stores, to test for saliva or urine pH.), Nat Phos., along with more fresh fruits and vegetables, can help correct this.

11. Sodium Sulphate (abbrev. Nat Sulph.). Nat Sulph. has an affinity for the intercellular fluids, liver, pancreas, bile, intestines, and descending colon. Important for proper digestion and liver function, Nat Sulph. is used for yellow, watery secretions, light sensitivity, gas, biliousness, migraines, asthma, and green vomit. Along with Calc. Sulph., it has a profound action on the liver. Along with Nat Mur., this salt is excellent for edema or any type of watery swelling in the body.

12. Silicon Dioxide (abbrev. Silica). Called the homeopathic surgeon for its ability to help the body throw off nonfunctional organic matter, Silica is a basic nutrient to the hair, skin, and nails. This remedy cleanses and eliminates waste, with a slow but deep and long-lasting effect in the body. It is indicated for all injuries and slow-healing wounds. It is helpful for all septic conditions in the body.

Using the cell salts

Cell salts are used in much the same way as other homeopathic remedies. They are placed directly under the tongue and allowed to slowly dissolve. Strong smelling substances (tobacco, mints, mentholated cough drops) need to be avoided during treatment. Also, coffee, tobacco, and camphor products should be eschewed as well. Keep the salts tightly capped and away from strong smelling substances. Generally, the more acute the condition, the more frequently the remedies can be taken. For best results, however, simply follow the directions on the label or see your natural healthcare professional,

Cell salts are often combined with each other to produce a more complete healing of a condition though, of course, a single cell salt may be all that one needs. Because cell salts are so safe to use, there is little danger of overdosing, or of a reaction. Cell salts are eminently economical: instead of purchasing entire sets of individual homeopathic remedies, one just needs to buy 12 remedies and keep them on hand for a wide range of problems.

The salts of life

The biochemic system of Dr. Schuessler has stood the test of time because it works. One does not need to be a professionally trained individual to reap the benefits of this great man's research, just a keen observer of symptoms. Availing oneself of the cell salt remedies, in all their diversity, is a sure step to take towards self-healing.


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Stephen Byrnes, N.D., Ph.D., runs a busy clinic in Hawaii and is a soughtafter lecturer at naturopathic colleges. Visit his website at

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