Through scientific analysis and observation, we have come to realize that life is governed by certain immutable laws. The Bible, for example, is an instructional manual which educates us in these laws of life which can be distilled into one eternal principle...The law, that which was, is and shall be, commonly referred to as the Lord, I AM, God, Life, Light or Spirit, is the foundation of all the world's great religions. In the Bible, the Lord revealed Itself to us as I AM THAT I AM...This I AM is the originating spirit from which all life proceeds. It is the free, eternal, and creative aspect within each of us. All of us are individualized aspects of this one life, this one originating Spirit. As such, we share in a direct and immediate relationship with this primal will to good...hence the wisdom of the statement that we are created in the image and likeness of God...The Life Force...The Power...

There is an indefinable, fundamental, universal Power which creates and maintains all life.

The Power Is:

Eternal, ever-present, mysterious and always operating. All-knowing, all-powerful, all loving...Light. Our super-subconscious mind...the creative principle within ourselves.

A fundamental component of The Human Ecology Program is:

To acknowledge, accept and attune ourselves with The Power. To become aware of The Power as the active principal which is always working in us, through us, for us, as us...

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