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Man Know Thyself

Know thyself. Knowledge of oneself is the only real knowledge, for as one understands oneself, only then may one truly understand another. Hence, the Oracle of Delphi proclaiming to know thyself, for within each of us, all is contained.

"We are created in God’s image. Male and female (in one) were created."

We, in our cosmic aspect are very superior to that which is commonly looked upon as a "human" which is described in books on anthropology, anatomy, etc. Such external sciences deal only with the grossly material body of external terrestrial body, while the essential body of macrocosmic and microscopic is beyond the reach of external observation. In the study of the human, as a cosmic being, there are only three aspects of one. These three subjects are God, nature, and man/woman; and neither one of them may be understood in its inner essence without understanding of the other two. External science, natural philosophy"' and theology seek to separate them.

They regard us, as being separated, distinct and independent of nature, and nature as something independent of us; while God, they know nothing and regard the divine power, which is the cause of all life, as if it were something external to nature and to us, and beyond their reach. For this reason the "human" of modem science has become an unnatural being, without any conceivable object for existence, and nature is an organism evolved by accident and subject to no other than mechanically acting law. The divine, spiritual, creative, and hidden powers in us, and in nature, are entirely removed from the field of perception of the "rationalist."

Each of us, as a whole, may be conceived of as a planetary spirit, a self-conscious, luminous sphere of unimaginable extent, as in fact, as present, the mental sphere of our mind has no defined limits; it reaches as far as thoughts can go. We were created for the purpose of being the image of God. The glory of God is residing in us, and we are penetrated by the light of divine love.

Within each of us everything is contained; God, the Christ, the angels, the celestial and terrestrial’s kingdoms, and the powers of hell. Outside of us is nothing of which we can conceive, we can know nothing except that which exists in our minds. No god or devil, no spirit or any power whatever can act upon us unless it centers into our constitution. Only that which exists in us has existence for God/The All.

Without a realization of this fact, the mysteries of religion will remain incomprehensible. It may be interesting and amusing to speculate about all the different gods and celestial hosts that go to make the pantheons of the various nations, but such a study does not constitute real knowledge. Only when our spiritual perceptions are unfolded and we attain divine knowledge of self, then will we know the Christ and all the celestial powers - whose aggregate goes to make up the kingdom of God existing within ourselves.

The spirit of God resides from eternity to eternity only in heaven -that is to say, in our own essence, is the power of the majesty. When it became inbreathed into our image, then was heaven in us, for God willed to manifest to us, as in an image created after The All, and to manifest the great wonders of eternal wisdom.

God's greatest gift to us is mind. The fact that each of us has a mind which is part and parcel of God's mind makes us an infinitely creative being. God created us to enjoy eternal life in Paradise in a state of paradisiacal perfection. Divine love illumined the interior, as the sun is illuminating the world.

The term "Paradise" means a state of purity and innocence and happiness, but not necessarily knowledge. We have had to learn to know evil so as to be able to realize good. Good being the primal will of God.

In paradise there is perfect life without disturbance, and a perpetual day, and the paradisiacal soul is clear like transparent glass, and is fully penetrated by the light of the divine sun.

Our bodies likewise appeared luminous, because our terrestrial substance is absorbed in the celestial essence. It radiates a pure, divine light.

This was so and will become so as truth reveals itself because our original thoughts and will are pure, and therefore the spirit of “The All” (the union of will and thought) manifested itself in producing a pure and luminous form, not burdened with the gross material elements which form at present the bodies of human beings.

"Then, as now, our body is the product of our own thoughts."
The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme- Franz Hartmann M.D.

The above statements are taken from the life and doctrines of Jacob Boehme, a great Christian alchemist, who wrote in the 16th century. Boehme was a true Hermeticist bringing through the ageless wisdom.

Boehme's conception of the allegory of “the fall” is fundamental to understanding the relationship between Hermetics and the esoteric interpretation of the Bible which is rooted in Qabalah. Man's fall in reality was a fall in consciousness - a forgetting of himself, a falling away from the Holy Spirit or divine inspiration which gives life meaning. Man's fall or apparent fall was known to God as it is the Divine plan which is occurring now for us to awaken in this New Age, the Age of Aquarius, to our true identity and divinity and realize that the Christ, that is the pure intelligence of God, is contained within each of us.

Man's "fall" was necessary so to speak so that we could gain knowledge in knowing and being able to discriminate between good and evil, for in God's infinite love he gave us free will. The problem of evil has vexed theologians and serious students of philosophy throughout the past age. The understanding of the devil, which is lived spelled backward, is the secret to liberation for in understanding the darkness, the darkness is no more. The word Devil is Diabolus, an adversary in Latin. Lucifer, seen as the devil or the antichrist in exoteric Christianity is really the bringer of light, for Lucifer means light-bearer.

How, may you ask, can the Devil be a light-bearer? In our quest for knowledge of self, a resistance, or creative tension was placed into the universal plan regarding our evolution. For us to evolve, to grow and to learn, a resistance was placed upon us. The agency which created this resistance was none other than Lucifer, who played the heavy or dark force.

Lucifer in reality is God's greatest archangel, for he had to play out with total realness all that we did, not want to know or see about himself. Lucifer means bearer of light.

Lucifer brought to our experience the realization that God is both the light and darkness. The light and the dark co-exist within the mind of God in perfect harmony. We, to gain insight and understanding of self, have to realize and acknowledge that both forces co-exist within ourselves as is with God, and that which we call the Devil is nothing more than a product of our own imagination. The Devil or Satan is none other than that agency within us which creates the illusion of separation from the infinite source of life, which is grace, which is love. It is this force (love) that sustains and maintains the creation moment to moment, day to day…week to week, month to month, year to year, century to century and millennium. to millennium.

The Devil is limitation of mind. The Devil in flesh is the rationalist or uncomprised intellectual who sees the universe as a blind mechanical force, acting in an arbitrary fashion imposing upon mankind an infinite variety of hardships and dis- eases. The Devil is that agency within us which sows seeds of fear and confusion and declares in no uncertain terms that – this is how life is! The Devil is a speaker of lies.

The concept of life as limitation is total illusion and represents spiritual blindness or ignorance. Ignorance and fear go hand in hand and it is fear, based upon limitation which is illusion, that is the cause of all dis-ease. To bring this concept into the now, let us look at the great "crisis" which is encroaching upon humanity today. The "energy crisis" is upon us so "they" say, yet it is an acknowledged scientific fact that the energy which sustains and maintains the universe is infinite. So much for the Devil.

As stated, each of us has been given free will and the ability to make conscious choices regarding our experiences. The quality of our lives is determined by our conscious choices. It is, however, through the infinite grace of God, that God; (infinite creative intelligence) educates us to understand his our nature. For wisdom lies within the understanding that life is self-liberating through Christ. Christ being the word or logos principle contained within the mind. Christ is synonymous with pure intelligence and is expressed as reason. Reasonableness is a reflection of Christhood. (2)

This realization and the saving grace of Lord Jesus Christ, which is but another name for life, contains the secret of liberation.

The mystical or occult name of Jesus is based upon the tetragrammaton; the tetragrammaton being the most ancient and eternal flame of God. YOD-HEVAV-HE - Fire-Water-Air-Earth - this is the revealed name of God. The “I am that I am” contains within it the secret of the pentagram, the symbol of the divine human.

For Jesus said, Jesus being the living incarnation of God-Man, "Eritis no sicut dii, non sicut deus , sed eritis deus. " "You will not be as gods." (Jesus referring to-~the statement in Genesis where God revealed our true nature in proclaiming, "Know that ye are Gods").

This is an evolution in thought regarding the human nature. To understand the Bible and to understand life in its true sense, one must understand that life unfolds and evolves through thought or consciousness. "'That which hath been made was life in the creative thought, and the life was the light" is the declaration at the beginning of the Gospel according to St. John. The life power, God.

This reasonableness is founded upon the true knowledge of oneself. True knowledge of oneself brings one to the realization that with God, all things are possible.
Jacob Boehme -The Life & Doctrine of Jacob Boehme -Franz Hartmann, M.D.

The creative thinker, dwells within each of us, forever revealing itself to itself in manifested form.

The key to understanding our true nature in relationship to universal infinite intelligence is encoded within the symbolism of the pentagram as previously stated. The letters at the five points of the pentagram are the Roman characters corresponding to Yod-heh-shin-vav-heh. These are the letters which spell the divine name, IHVH, the most ancient and eternal name of God - I am that I am, with the I 'holy letter, " shin, the letter , of the Holy Spirit, placed between the first two and the last two letters, thus IHSHVH. This is the occult and Rosicrucian spelling of the name Yehushua or Jesus.

The pentagram expresses the mind's domination over the elements. It is the Star of the Magi, the burning star of the Gnostic Schools, the sign of intellectual omnipotence and autocracy. All symbols of the gnosis, all figures of occultism, all Qabalistic keys of prophecy, are resumed in the sign of the pentagram. It is the sign of the absolute and universal synthesis. HUMAN.

In drawing a pentagram, we divide each of its five lines in exact extreme and mean proportion, which may be defined as the division of any quantity into two such parts or proportions as that the measure of the lesser part shall bear the same relation to the measure of the greater part as the measure of the greater part bears in turn to the whole quantity. The occult interpretation of this mathematical proportion is sometimes expressed in the maxim: "Nature is to us as we are to God." The proportion itself is often called the Golden Section of Pythagoras, and is associated with the Hermetic axiom: That which is above, is as that which is below, and that which is below, is as that which is above.

As I have stated, the Bible is a Qabalistic book and the keys to Qabalah are revealed on the tree of life through the symbolism of Tarot. The Bible is a coded book based upon the relationship of numbers and letters.

The ancient Hebrews and Greeks had no numerals. They performed their arithmetical calculations with the letters of their alphabets. In Hebrew and Greek every letter is a number. Every word is therefore a number, the sum of the values of its letters. In manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments, not only are the numbers of chapters, verses, and pages indicated by combinations of letters; but there are many examples of special spellings and unusual phrasing intended to indicate definite numbers.

Based upon this fact, that in Hebrew and Greek every word is a number, is a method of Biblical interpretation called gematria, a term derived probably from, The Great Seal of the United States -Its History, Symbolism and Message for the New Age by Paul Foster Case.

From the Greek word “geometria” comes the English noun geometry. Rabbinical commentators on the Old Testament used gematria long before the Christian era.

The underlying notion of gematria is that words having the same number often have a hidden correspondence in meaning of which the identity in number is a signal. Gematria is not limited to single words. It applies to phrases and sentences also.

In the composition of the Old and New Testaments, and of other sacred and esoteric writings, this number letter code was utilized in order to preserve a record of arcane knowledge while at the same time concealing the real significance of the writing from all but those who possessed the key.

"In thirty-two wonderfully distinguished paths of wisdom did the Creative Powers of Life, God Almighty, Compassionate and Merciful, Supreme and Exalted, Who is Eternal, Sublime, and Holy, decree and create our universe by means of three kinds of characters: Numbers, Letters, and Words: ten circumscribed Sephiroth, and twenty-two fundamental signs; three Mother, seven Double, and twelve Simple Letters."

The following table gives the names, numbers, and some of the correspondences of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These correspondences include the four elements of the ancients, and the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These twenty-two letters are contained within the twenty-two tarot cards.

Letter Number Sign, planet or Elenatiat

1. Aleph A - Air, Spirit
2. Beth B - Mercury
3. Ginad G - Moon
4. Ieth D - Venus
5. Heh H - Aries
6. V 6 - Taurus
7. Z - 7 Gemini
8. Cheth - Cancer

9. Teth T - Leo
10. Yod 1 Virgo
20. YLaph K, C - Jupitar
30. L-ed L - Libra
40. Mem. M - Water

50. Nun N so Scorpio G=7 0=6 D=4
60. Sameld S - Sagittarius 17=8
70. Ayin 0 - Capricorn
80. Feb P go Mara
90. T.ddi T - Aquarius
100. Qoph Q - Pi-a
Resh R 200 Suri
Shin Sh 3W Fire
Tau 4W Saturn, Earth

5. Anonymous, Paul Foster Case. Published by the Builders of the Adyturn, L.A. CA.


3 1 4
Gimel - Aleph - Daleth

The number 8 is the digit value of the name translated "Lord" in the Authorized Version of the Bible. It is not really a name at all, but rather a verbal, numerical and geometrical formula. In Roman letters corresponding to Hebrew it is spelled IHVH. Correctly translated, it means "that which was, that which is, that which shall be." That, not He. Thus, it is a perfect verbal symbol for the One Reality-for that something which has always subsisted behind all forms in the eternity of the past, for that something which really is behind all the appearances and misunderstandings of the present, for that something which will be the foundation for all the changing forms of life-expression in the eternity to come.

888 - is the numeration of the name Jesus in Greek and 8 is not only the "Dominical number" or "Number of the Lord, in Christian numerical symbolism, but is also the particular number of the god called Thoth by Egyptians, Nebo by Assyrians, Hermes by Greeks, and Mercury by Romans.

Thus 8 is pre-eminently the number of magic and of Hermetic Science. Its Hebrew name is Splendor, and the aspect of consciousness to which it corresponds is called perfect intelligence. (6)

8 is also the number of infinity

* Tarot -A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages. Paul Foster Case. McCoy Publishing Co.


The Hebrew designation for God is Aleph-Lamed.
EL Strength

This symbolic representation of God- Man is understood as the infinite creative intelligence (Aleph) operating through undeviating justice or law (Lamed).

In Hebrew A is Eh -which means I Am. 7
From Lamed we have La -which is Love.
Combined we have A-La-as in Allah.
" I Am Love"

. EhEyEh -I am that I am. Exodus Chapter 3, Verse 14.

Love and strength hence have corresponding roots and are really one and the same.

This directly corresponds with the Gospel of St. John where it is stated that God is Love.

The Fool (Aleph) is the indwelling, infinite creative spirit of life within us. It is the spirit of Freedom. Life in itself knows no limits or boundaries. Life is infinite and free and contains within itself all possibilities.

It is within this realization that we may rejoice in our inherent creativity and know that this spirit of creativity holds the keys to our personal and collective liberation. Life is free and so are we.

Now, the creative spirit works in harmony with the law which is the Lord/Lady. Lord in Hebrew corresponds to the law. The word Lord in Hebrew is Adonai, through gematria it reduces to the number 11, which in tarot is the key of Lamed –justice, which is the Lady. It is through knowledge of the Lord (the law) and Lady (justice) that humanity attains Wisdom, which is peace. The number 11 reduces to the number 2 which on the Tree of Life is Wisdom.

The laws of God are contained within the laws of nature. The Law is immutable and eternal. Hence, it is said that God (truth, the law) is a respecter of no persons. Our work as Human beings is to come to understand the law, which is God, which is truth.

The law was revealed to Moses, who was the law giver unto the people of Is-Ra- El.

"You must love the Lord (the law) & Lady (justice) with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your might."

Hence, the sacred Hebrew mantra, ' 'Hear 0 Is-ra-el the Lord, our God is one."

This law, which is truth, is seen on the back of the one dollar bill.

Now, The All/God, the eternal principal of life, manifests itself eternally through humanity and through nature as pure intelligence revealed itself unto mankind through a being named Jesus.

Jesus, jod-He-Shin-Vav-He. As the son of Man (Humanity), and the incarnating Logos principle, as the manifesting Godhead, declared to us (Humanity) -to be the alpha and the omega.

In Revelation, Chapter 22 Verse 13 it is stated - "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end."

Let us look at the diagram of the Tree of Life on page 7 and come to understand this most profound statement.

1 ) The Alpha is Mercury-Orange-Hod-Splendor (Pure Intelligence) (in Science the color orange is designated by the Greek letter alpha.)

2) The Omega is Jupiter-Blue-Chesed-Mercy and Compassion. (In Science the color blue is designated by the Greek letter omega.) Together, the Alpha and the Omega, which is also the masculine 4th feminine principle fuse together in Tipareth-the Sun-Beauty-Gold.

Gold is the color of light.
God-Man is Beauty.
Beauty is truth.

Hence, the One Life, the pure infinite creative intelligence which is operating under law is forever manifesting its one self through us as humans and through nature as Beauty.

Wisdom is in the Understanding
that All is Beauty.

21 = 3

Woman is the Universal, Cosmic Mind dwelling within man. 3 on the Tree of Life corresponds to the name Binah which means Understanding. Within Wo-man, all Wisdom and Knowledge is contained. All the powers and potencies within the God- head itself are contained within woman. As such, she holds the key to man's Freedom.

The Empress, Venus, Key 3, represents the power of Creative Forces. One only has to look at nature, nature being the manifested universe, to realize that there Is a power within us, which is supremely intelligent, and supremely creative. When Humanity awakens to this awesome intelligence, which is in us and around us, mankind will learn to use its inherent creativity in a fashion which will serve ourselves, humanity and nature.

It is our high destiny to live in harmony with nature. To do this, we must first understand its laws and the ways of nature. Through our understanding of the laws of nature which are the laws of good, good will be created. Nature is always ready, willing and able to share her secrets with us. We need only be open, receptive and respectful of her ways and all will be revealed through the process we call time.

Woman as wisdom reveals herself to man as knowledge. It is through our understanding of nature that we acquire both Wisdom and Knowledge. One aspect of this knowledge constitutes biochemistry which is the science of life. It is through biochemistry and applied nutrition that man will eradicate dis-ease on this planet.

Science through biochemical- understanding and through applying the laws of consciousness will also uncover the principles which will lead to the reversal of the aging process. This understanding and its realization is happening now. We will over come our last enemy, which is death, and hence bring to fulfillment the prophecy of the New Testament wherein it is promised that we, through the grace of Jesus Christ, will come into Eternal Life.

Now the name Jesus Christ in Hebrew means "the nature of Reality is to liberate through intelligence." It is through the grace of the spiritual (unseen) intelligence - which is life, which is Light, that we will overcome our fear of death. The instrument of humanity's liberation is the Holy Spirit which is the power of Love, education and Intelligence.

The Hebrew letter Shin is the corresponding letter of the feminine Holy Spirit. It is the middle letter of the name Jesus. jod-He-Shin-Vav-He. This letter V, Shin, is attributed to the element of fire. This same letter,

TV Shin, the Quintessence, also stands for Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God. This spiritual quintessence, which is Fire is experienced by humanity as Music.

Humanity, through the intelligence of life is coming into a clear perception and interpretation of life and is coming to know that we are life and as life there can be no death for life is eternal. This understanding constitutes real knowledge which leads to Wisdom which is Peace.


Two of Swords


10 The Kingdom

Key 19-The Sun

The Kingdom and the glory of God, the Holy Spirit lives within us. Life gives totally of itself unto us. We need only be open and receptive to receive the gifts of the spirit. Each of us is the synthesis of all cosmic activities.

Two of Cups


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